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Il Maestro Di Cappella

Noten für Blasorchester.

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Artikel Nr.: SCESB149928
Komponist: Domenico Cimarosa
Bearbeiter: Lorenzo Pusceddu
Stufe: 4
Dauer: 22'00
Verlag: Scomegna
Größe: A4+ 24x32cm


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Intermezzo gioioso, for solo bass - or baritone voice. Il Maestro di Cappella is an operatic intermezzo in one act by Domenico Cimarosa, probably composed between 1786 and 1793. The author of the libretto is unknown. Though often translated in English as The Music Teacher, the Italian term "maestro di cappella" is the equivalent of the German "Kapellmeister" (conductor of a choir or orchestra). This amusing monodrama is settled for one singer, a bass-baritone, and portrays a pompous maestro rehearsing an orchestra, often imitating the sound of the instruments. The text has been adapted to refer to the instruments of the concert band, making it also a useful and amusing piece to present to the public the various instruments that compose it.

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