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Galop From The Limpid Stream, Symphonic Band

Noten für Blasorchester.

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Artikel Nr.: BAM005
Komponist: Dimitri Shostakovich
Bearbeiter: David Miller
Stufe: 4
Dauer: 3:30
Verlag: Baton


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The 'Limpid Stream' was by far the most popular of Shostakovich ballets. Its deliberately simple-minded melodies, banal harmonies, straightforward rhythms, and garish colors had the work playing successfully in both Leningrad and Moscow from June 1935 through February 1936. In the second place, The Limpid Stream and, by implication, its suite were condemned in Pravda in an editorial in early February 1936, and both works were withdrawn. Shostakovich salvaged some of the music from the ballet and the suite in the first four Ballet Suites he and his friend Levon Atovmyan compiled in 1949 - 1953. The 'Galop' became the sixth movement of the Ballet Suite No.3.

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