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All Those Endearing Young Charms, Solo for Euphonium and Band, Blasorchester

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Art. Nr.: BA0060HA
Komponist: Simone Mantia
Bearbeiter: Andrew Glover
Stufe: 3
Dauer: 5:50
Verlag: Barnhouse


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Inkl. BeNeLux parts. This solo has long been standard repertoire for serious euphonium soloists. Composer Mantia was the featured soloist of the Sousa and Pryor bands, and this classic "theme and variations" solo is a fantastic showpiece for euphonium. The solo part, while difficult, allows the soloist to showcase tone, technique and style, and the band accompaniment requires a minimum of preparation. Now available for the first time in a modern concert band arrangement, this is THE SOLO that all euphonium players should learn and know.

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