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Englishman In New York

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Artikel Nr.: HFB675
Komponist: Sting
Bearbeiter: Roland Smeets
Stufe: 4
Dauer: 4:15
Verlag: HaFaBra Music
Größe: A4 21x29,7cm


Mit Solo für Sopransaxophon.
"Englishman in New York" ist ein Lied des englischen Künstlers Sting, aus seinem zweiten Studioalbum. The "Englishman" in question is the famous eccentric and gay icon Quentin Crisp, a British writer. Sting wrote the song not long after Crisp moved from London to an apartment in Manhattan. "Quentin's a friend of mine and someone I admire greatly because I think he's one of the most courageous people I've ever met. He has lived his life in an individual way in a society that is vicious and malevolent. But he is a hero in a feminine way. So that's a song about the feminine qualities than can exist in man without being negative."
Sting, Oktober 1987