About Tierolff


Antoon Tierolff


In September 1899 Antoon Tierolff started a music shop and publishing house in the centre of Roosendaal, the Netherlands. He was a musician, composer and conductor. From the very beginning he imported music books and scores, mainly from France for all instruments and also for ensembles such as concert band and salon orchestra. The trade in instruments and accessories was also an immediate success throughout the region. Tierolff's daughter Ea and her husband Huub Vergouwen took over the company at the end of the 1920’s and in the 1960’s their son Toon Vergouwen got in charge. Shortly before the millennium, the 4th generation took over the company and Koen Vergouwen is still in charge of the company.


In the meantime, both the publication of sheet music and trade have constantly evolved with new developments, but in 2012 the decision was taken to close down the musical instrument shop as of 1 March 2013. Since the municipal government decided to close the street for car traffic in Roosendaal on the location where Tierolff has been based for more than 100 years, the number of customers has drastically decreased. The continuing crisis, which started in 2008, the government's structural austerity measures on art and culture, and the increasingly fierce competition via the Internet have also failed Tierolff. The old building, where Tierolff had been based on the Markt 90 & 92 for more than a hundred years, was sold and Tierolff's publishing continued at Belder 25 in Roosendaal on 1 September 2013. From there we will continue with our publications.


Publisher Tierolff has been in existence since 1899, and thus entered it’s 3rd century! Tierolff is one of the leading band music publishers in Europe! We are mainly specialised in music for concert band (and fanfare band), which is distributed via the website and direct mail in the Netherlands and Belgium. Through our website, but also through representatives, the music is spread among other countries, France, Germany, Austria, Scandinavia, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, England, Japan, China, Singapore and the USA. Tierolff also publishes music for clarinet, saxophone and brass ensembles and solo wind instruments. We have also published a lot of percussion music. You can find everything on this website.


Current composers and arrangers in our fund are among others: Rob Balfoort, Willy Hautvast, Daniel Muck, Patrick H. Hahn, Mark Rogers, Ivo Kouwenhoven, Wim Laseroms, Sam Daniels, Nicholas Duron, Ton Verhiel, Wong Kah Chun, Fritz Neuböck, Harry Richards, Tomas Asanger and the deceased Harm Evers, John Nimbly, André Waignein, Kees Vlak and Randy Beck. But there is also music represented by us: for example, we deliver a lot of music for ‘liitle concert bands’, mainly from publisher ‘t Klokske Muziek, but also distribution of band music from many publishers from all over the world, with among others Editions Marc Reift, Alfred and for example Hal Leonard. Since 2017 there has been an intense collaboration with the Japanese publishing company Brain Music. Tierolff distributes their publications in Europe and also takes care of the 'European parts' and in Japan, Brain Music distributes Tierolff's publications.