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Sheetmusic for concert - or fanfare band.

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Item no.: 139505
Composer: Guiseppe Torelli
Arranger: Eg Leemhuis
Grade: 4
Duration: 5:30
Publisher: Tierolff
Size: Marsformaat 18x14cm


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Quartet for trumpet and band. Giuseppe Torelli was an Italian Composer (1658-1709) and one of the major composers of the Baroque period. He is well-known for having developed the form of the concerto grosso and for writing numerous concertos, sonatas, and sinfonias. This sinfonia, composed circa 1692, was transcribed by Eg Leemhuis from the original instrumentation of 4 trumpets, oboe, bassoon, bass trumpet, timpani and basso continuo. This new arrangement is scored for 4 trumpets and concert band accompaniment. An absolute masterpiece!

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