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La Giralda

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Sheetmusic for concert –, or fanfare band.

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Composer: Eduardo López Juarranz
Arranger: Willy Hautvast
Grade: 2-3
Duration: 2:20
Size: A4 21x29,7cm
Publisher: Tierolff


Eduardo López Juarranz (1844 - 1897) was a Spanish composer. He was the conductor of the Banda Tercer Regimiento de Ingenieros in Seville from 1876-1894. This regiment was stationed in Cadiz from 1878 to 1883. As an admirer of the pasodoble, he was one of the composers who ensured that this genre and all its variations could be performed at concerts. He wrote a few works himself, the best-known of which is La Giralda. Willy Hautvast has adapted this pasodoble to a version for modern concert band. Please note that the score is marked calmato, which is a tempo of about 100 bpm. To maintain the character of this pasodoble it is not desirable to take this tempo (much) faster.

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