Martijn Rondel


Martijn Rondel was born on January 1, 1977 in Breda (Netherlands). At the age of 7 his parents asked him which instrument he wanted to play, and though he actually wanted to play drums, alas, his neighbors did not quite like the idea of having someone practicing very loudly! So instead, he started playing the clarinet. He joined the concert band of St. Cecile from Princenhage, where he received his first lessons. Shortly afterwards he enrolled in the local music school and studied clarinet with Pieter Zwaans. He was in middle school when he wrote his first composition. It was a piece for piano, but his teacher’s fingers were too small to reach all of the notes the way he had voiced them, and so this first composition ended up in the waste paper basket. After he explored a variety of other interests he decided to study music education at the Codarts school of Music in Rotterdam. During this time his interest in composition and arranging grew dramatically, and now he has a wide range of compositions and arrangements carrying his name. He has written works for concert band, choir and string orchestra, and during the last couple of years has focused on music for clarinet. The inspiration for his music comes from several styles, including folk, pop, and classical.

Here is a list with the works of Martijn that have been published by Tierolff.


Martijn as arranger:

Journey Through Turkey, Clarinet Choir

Sheetmusic for clarinet choir / 1 x Eb / 4 x Bb / 1 x alto / 1 x bass / 1 x contra alto

Composer :   Traditionals/Martijn Rondel

Arranger :   Martijn Rondel


Palladio, Clarinet Choir

Sheetmusic for clarinet choir / 1 x Eb / 4 x Bb / 1 x alto / 2 x bass / 1 x contra bass

Composer :   Karl Jenkins

Arranger :   Martijn Rondel

Duration :   4:00


A Czech Roundabout, Clarinet Choir

Sheetmusic for clarinet choir, Eb / 4 Bb / Eb alto / 2 Bb bass / Bb contra bass.

Composer :   traditionals

Arranger :   Martijn Rondel


Kol Nidrei Adagio for Violincello and Clarinet Choir

Sheetmusic for clarinet choir with violincello solo, 1 x Eb / 6 x Bb / 1 x alto / 2 x Bass / 1 x contra alto / harp

Composer :   Max Bruch

Arranger :   Martijn Rondel