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Monkeys And Ape

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Sheetmusic for flexible ensemble, 4 Parts + Percussion.

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SKU: 230630
Composer: Kees Vlak
Grade: 3
Duration: 6:40
Size: A4 21x29,7cm
Publisher: Tierolff


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It’s their first performance ever and the young band have just taken their seats. They don’t have any stage experience whatsoever and the musicians also don’t have uniform clothing yet. One scratches ones heads and below their arm, one pulls at another one’s hair and people stick their tongue in the direction of their parents. In front of them stands a black-dressed man. He carefully studies his baton and even briefly smells at it. Part 1: Gorilla March. A cool, tough march from the heavy-weights of the jungle, it sounds powerful and strong. The gorillas live in groups with one leader. That shows; everything goes very neatly; Part 2: Lonely Urang. The urang utan usually lives alone. In Zoo’s it always seems that he is very sad because of his incarcerated life. He’s just sitting there looking at visitors as if he wants to say: "Why do you do this to me?"; Part 3: Chimpy Waltz. These intelligent monkeys like to play and play games. They don’t come across as being serious. That’s something you can hear. This waltz is supposed to be danced in 3/4 time, but in this dance occasionally a 5/4 bar appears. That’s pulling a leg with the dancer! You’re left for a fool. Monkey business! Part 4: Baboon’s Banana Party. Baboons are the most messy apes. They often create chaos. They love bananas. Besides eating them, one can also ‘shoot’ them out of its peel. Then you throw the peel on the ground and let’s party!

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