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Nick & Simon

Sheetmusic for flexible ensemble, 4 parts + percussion.
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Item no.: 100281
Composer: Nick Schilder/Edwin A. van Hoevelaak/Gordon H.G. Groothedde
Arranger: Ivo Kouwenhoven
Grade: 2
Duration: 3:35
Publisher: Tierolff
Size: A4 21x29,7cm


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"Nick & Simon" is a Dutch presentation duo and former singing duo from Volendam, consisting of Nick Schilder (born November 6, 1983) and Simon Keizer (born May 16, 1984). They scored dozens of hits and are well known as presentation duo of various television programs and music documentaries. They both come from well-known Volendam music families.

The duo became known after they featured frequently in their friend Jan Smit's reallife soap. In 2006, that caused a breakthrough with the singles "Steeds Weer (Again and Again)" and "De Soldaat (The Soldier)".

In August 2022, they announced their intention to quit as a musical duo in the spring of 2023. However, they did indicate that they would continue their collaboration for television programs. As musicians, they plan to focus on "personal creativity and solo aspirations. In March and April 2023, they had a series of farewell concerts called "Nu of Ooit (Now or Ever)", which ended April 10 in Rotterdam Ahoy.

Ivo Kouwenhoven made a 4-part arrangement for young band or flexible ensemble with percussion, which includes the titles "Kijk Omhoog (Look Up)", "Rosanne" and "Pak Maar M’n Hand (Take My Hand)".
Source: Wikipedia

This composition was created with the help of a contribution from the Music Investment Fund, an initiative of Buma/Stemra in cooperation with Voi©e, the Copyright Interests Federation and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in the Netherlands.

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