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Nota Bene! - A Kleptomaniac Carousel

Duo for clarinets, or saxophones.

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Item no.: 0007DU
Composer: Dolf de Kinkelder
Grade: 5
Duration: 14:30
Publisher: Tierolff
Size: A4 21x29,7cm


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    Quarrel | Blues | Gypsy | Bagpipe | Waltz | Circus. Written for the saxophone duo 'Het Noota Saxofoon Duo': Marijke Schröer & Davíd Cristóbal Litago.
    Player I always reads the upper staff, so also when his/her instrument in a specific piece is the lowest. All 6 pieces are glued together with transitions, to be played by the player who is not changing his/her instrument. Each transition begins after the final barline and ends with a solid barline, after which the next piece is played immediately (attaca). Every transition contains an "optional Fermata" (opt.*), to be played only when the instrument-changing player needs more time for the change. If pieces are played separately, or just a selection of pieces are played, or pieces are played in another order, you may leave out the transitions of Gypsy and Bagpipe. Score & Parts do not provide for page-turns. The players will read from an ipad with foot switch to turn pages.

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