Our composers

Tierolff has quite a few composers and arrangers who write and arrange for her. Contemporary composers from our fund include:

Rob Balfoort, , Ivo Kouwenhoven, Wim Laseroms, Daniel Muck, Patrick H. Hahn, Mark Rogers, Sam Daniels, Nicholas Duron, Ton Verhiel, Wong Kah Chun, Fritz Neuböck, Harry Richards, Tomas Asanger, Wil van der Beek, Sven Van Calster, Benoît Chantry, Alain Crepin, Evan Feldman, Matteo Firmi, Cynthia Johnston, Johan van der Linden, Martijn Rondel, Amir Molookpour, Benjamin Yeo and the now deceased Willy Hautvast, Harm Evers, John Nimbly, André Waignein, Kees Vlak, Harry Stalpers and Randy Beck.

On this page you can select your favourite composer, and view and possibly listen to what they have written or arranged.