Ritual Pictures

Our CD 'Ritual Pictures' has just been released. Again the 40th 'Full CD' since 1990, and that in the anniversary year, in which Tierolff celebrates its 120th anniversary. The opening piece of the CD is the same as the title of the CD, an original work by the Belgian composer Benoît Chantry: Ritual Pictures, about the "Ducasse de Mons". There are also original pieces on the CD by Amir Molookpour and Sven Van Calster, both of whom have been publishing their works at Tierolff since this year, Thomas Asanger, Fritz Neuböck, Daniel Muck, Ivo Kouwenhoven. Arrangements on this CD are Our Heroes (Julius Fučík, arr. Wil van der Beek, who has also been publishing with Tierolff since this year), La Giralda, (Eduardo Juarranz), Prelude, 49th Parallel (Vaughan Williams) and Ecos Españoles (Pascual Narro). All CD's released by Tierolff are also available via download and streaming websites like Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, Spotify and more than 30 similar websites.