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Choco Fest!!

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Trio for flute.

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Composer: Satoshi Yagisawa
Grade: 4
Duration: 4'30
Publisher: Brain Music


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1. White 2. Milk 3. Bitter!!
As recommended by renowned flautist Etsuro Sano, this piece was commissioned and composed for The 17th Japan Flute Convention 2015. There is a trend amongst Japanese teenagers to use abbreviations for long words. With the help of my students at Shobi College of Music, I have entitled this "Choco Fest" (in lieu of "Chocolate Festival") as a sequel to cute and uniquely named flute ensemble works such as "Triple Scoop Ice Cream", "Parfait Paradise", and "Cocktail Paradise". Composed while tasting delights of the Italian gourmet chocolate manufacturer Venchi, I tried to capture the sweetness. This is a sweetly enjoyable piece not only for chocolate lovers, but for everyone! Great for contest and a charming Valentine's season performance. (Satoshi Yagisawa)