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Motus Agni

Sheetmusic for concert - or fanfare band.
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Item no.: 100030
Composer: Patrick H. Hahn
Grade: 4-5
Duration: 8:11
Publisher: Tierolff
Size: A4 21x29,7cm


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Originally intended as an arrangement of the composer’s choral work "Agnus Dei," Motus Agni has evolved into something far more. The piece was written for performance in two of Europe’s most important churches: the St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna and the St. Stephen’s Basilica in Budapest. But it is also particularly suitable as a tone poem for the concert hall. An original theme is the foundation; an off-stage fanfare and a majestic conclusion reaffirm the glorifying thoughts. And yet, the quiet last chord makes us reconsider the heroic finale. The warm, guiding light at the end seeks to protect you, not blind you. The offstage fanfare should ideally be placed in way in which it will not be noticed until their first entrance. For performances in churches, such a place could be the organ loft. For performances in concert halls, use either an area on the opposite end of the room or the area behind the stage.

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