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The Crown of the Dolomites

Sheetmusic for concert band.

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Item no.: 100175
Composer: Thomas Asanger
Grade: 5
Duration: 9:00
Publisher: Tierolff
Size: A4 21x29,7cm, score A3 29,7x42cm


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"The crown of the Dolomites" is considered the most important legend from East Tyrol in Austria and tells about the kind and prudent Dolomite king, who is to be overthrown by the evil troll and his supporters. With crude slogans, abridged contents and populist demands, the mood against the benevolent Dolomite king is created. The crown of the Dolomites plays a special role: whoever wears it, retains power over the entire empire. Like most people, this legend holds an important message for us: to question populist views well and to take the side of those who honestly stand up for the welfare of the people, but renounce loud expressions of opinion and formulate their concerns rather modestly and cautiously. Because there is not always a good intention behind great promises. Ultimately, we are well advised to communicate social concepts in a differentiated and well-considered manner and to rely on less volume in common dealings.
The composition was commissioned by the "Bläserphilharmonie Osttirol" under its chief conductor Lukas Hofmann and premiered in Lienz on 2 March 2013.

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