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The Handyman

Sheetmusic for flexible ensemble, 4 Parts + Percussion.
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Item no.: 130290
Composer: Ivo Kouwenhoven
Grade: 2
Duration: 4:00
Publisher: Tierolff
Size: A4 21x29,7cm


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On stage a work bench is set ready with a board on top and a bottle of soda on the side. The handyman is waiting behind the scenes, dressed in overalls and wearing a tool belt with tools. In his hand he is holding a tool box, filled with tools and nails. The lid of the box is open. In the wings of the stage a dustpan and brush and a refuse container are set out. The conductor has a band-aid ready. * 1 – the intro is played (2 bars). Then dialogue follows: Conductor: "Hey, where’s the handyman? Handyman (from behind the scenes, going towards the stage): "Here I am!" (running to the stage, he trips and all of his tools fall out of the box) Conductor: "Can we fínally start?" Handyman: "Of course, no problem." * 2 - in bar 32 dialogue follows: Handyman: "Augh!!" (pretends to hit his thumb) Conductor: "What happened?" Handyman: "I hit my thumb!" (conductor puts a band-aid on the painful finger of the handyman) Conductor: "Well, wanna give it another go?" * 3 - in bar 36 dialogue follows: (after the applause the handyman first bows to the band members and then to the audience) Conductor: "When are you going to clean up your mess?" Handyman: "Just a minute!" (he walks off stage to the wing and returns with dustpan, brush and refuse container. The band starts playing again while the handyman is cleaning up and throwing stuff in the container) *4 - (the handyman has finished cleaning, sits on the work bench and takes something to drink) *5 - (the handyman runs to the container and throws away his drink)