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Let's Warm Up!

Sheet music for concert -, or fanfare band, or flexible ensemble.

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Item no.: 100279
Composer: Leen Robbemont
Grade: 2
Duration: 03:45
Publisher: Tierolff
Size: A4 21x29,7cm


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This work is ideally suited as an opening piece for Band, Flexible ensemble or young band. The work is quite simple with mainly long notes for all winds. The 1st time the woodwinds play, the 2nd time the brass instruments and the 3rd time everyone plays (tutti) with chords (plus accompaniment). The rhythmic accompaniment (percussion, keyboard and electric bass guitar) is optional. The (simple) vibraphone part can function as a metronome. The basses can optionally play the same rhythmic (more difficult) bass guitar part at the 3rd time theme.

This composition was created with the help of a contribution from the Music Investment Fund, an initiative of Buma/Stemra in cooperation with Voi©e, the Copyright Interests Federation and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in the Netherlands.

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