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40 Fingers Volume 2, Clarinet Quartet

Sheetmusic for clarinet quartet, 3 Bb | Bb-(Bb bass).
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Item no.: 4272S
Composer: Charles Michiels
Grade: 2
Publisher: Tierolff
Size: A4 21x29,7cm


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  1. Entre le Bœf et l' Âne Gris
  2. Quand J' étais Chez Mon Père
  3. Canto Per Ma Mio
  4. Choral
  5. Mexican Clapping Song
  6. Folk Song
  7. Festival Dance
  8. Noël Allemand
  9. Little March
  10. Merrily
  11. Melody
  12. My Maryland

    This composition was created with the help of a contribution from the Music Investment Fund, an initiative of Buma/Stemra in cooperation with Voi©e, the Copyright Interests Federation and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in the Netherlands.

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