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Partitions pour orchestre d'harmonie, ou brass band.

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Article no.: NOR261702287w
Compositeur: Ole Edvard Antonsen
Niveau: 3
Dureé: 3:55
Editeur: Norsk Notenservice


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I composed the song "Vidda" after I got my ultimate boy's dream fulfilled, to fly one of the Air Force's F-16 fighter jets! We flew out from Norwegian city Bodø on to the Finnmark plateau, where we flew so-called "low level" (at low altitude). It was such a great experience for me that I immediately wrote the song "Vidda" based on my experience of the trip.
Here, I try to describe the meeting between the technical perfection of a machine that surpasses most of the various forces in it’s escape through the magnificent scenery passing at great speed, and the pilot who is alone with both the adventure and responsibility. The drums which start the song is meant to describes the energy in the power of the plane, while the lonely and kind of melancholy melody from the trumpet in the beginning describes the feelings of the pilot. As the song develop, we pass both the mountains and big beautiful plateaus with g-forces quivering body. Hopefully you will share some of my experiences through this song.
Have a nice flight!
Ole Edvard Antonsen

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